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Career Pathways: Your Map to Success

by Stephanie Simmons on June 16th, 2016


Starting a tech career, like any great tech problem, doesn’t have just one solution.  The vast world of technology offers numerous career paths, ranging from a database administrator to a network engineer and everything in between.  As a result, there are many questions to ask yourself:   Do I need a four-year degree?  What technical certifications should I obtain? What jobs are available if I get this certification?  How much money will I make?  What is my career trajectory if I choose this path?   

For the IT job seeker, MicroTrain has identified eight different IT Career Pathways that offer answers to all of these questions.  It identifies the exact fundamentals required for a particular position, acting as an aid to everyone from an entry level job seeker, with no experience or degree, to the most advanced job seeker.  Take, for instance, something as simple as the job title, “Support IT.”  By using MicroTrain’s IT Career Pathways tool, one can visually see the career path for an entry level job title progress to that of an advanced IT job title of Help Desk Manager.   Specifically, it offers insight to Chicagoland Statistics of salary expectations, provides samples of related job titles, reveals the amount of current job postings, as well as identifies who is hiring in the Chicagoland area for these positions.  This trajectory is further complimented by also providing what certifications and/or degree is necessary for each position.     

The IT Career Pathways tool is an excellent resource for anyone considering a career in IT at any level.  Check out MicroTrain’s IT Career Pathways on the homepage of the MicroTrain website at or directly download the PDF at

Resume Vs. Applicant Tracking Systems: The Tool that gets you through!

by Mary Toomey on May 24th, 2016


Resume Vs.  Applicant Tracking Systems:   The Tool that gets you through!  

Did you know that 90 % of resumes are often screened out by applicant tracking systems?  MicroTrain’s innovative solution  gets your resume past the robotic ATS and seen by a human being.

Sending out resume after resume and never hearing from an employer is a complaint we heard way too often from our job seekers at MicroTrain.  So, we asked ourselves, “Why are qualified candidates not being called for that first interview?”   It is due in large part because 90 percent of companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to search for qualified candidates.   “What is an ATS,” you might ask.   An  ATS is a type of software application that handles the recruitment process, namely by sorting through thousands of resumes, to determine which ones are the best fit for available positions.

If the job seeker’s resume doesn’t have the right keywords, the ATS will automatically reject that resume. MicroTrain has the solution!   Our new, automated RESUME GAP ANALYSIS TOOL    helps job seekers before they send out their resumes.   It does this by taking a resume, comparing it to the job description and then giving  an instant analysis of how well the resume emulates for that particular job.  It even provides feedback of how that resume can optimize for an ATS.  

MicroTrain’s Resume Gap Analysis Tool is easy to use.   Simply paste your Resume, paste the job description and SUBMIT.


The Resume Gap Analysis will do a keyword occurrence analysis to your resume and tell you what skills and keywords appear in the job ad but not in your resume.   If you have experience with any of the following skills and keywords, check the context they appear in the ad and, if appropriate, add them to the resume.   


Our clients are already enjoying the benefits of this tool.   Here are some of the comments from one of our PMP classes:   “This is the tool I have been searching for! “   “I wish I had this tool a month ago; I probably would have had interviews by now!”   “ Thank you, MicroTrain, for this tool, it is going to save me a lot of time!”  “If 100 people are applying for the same job I am, I am hoping that no one has this tool but me! This is the advantage that I am looking for!”

You can find the resume gap analysis tool  on TheProfessional.Me,  where you can also upload your resume, get your resume graded as well as analyzed:     Every job seeker needs to check out the many features of TheProfessional.Me!

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