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Many organizations grapple with employee turnover. Unfortunately, extensive employee attrition can negatively impact your bottom line. Since organizations function best when they have a full staff, MicroTrain is committed to helping you fill vacancies with the best candidates, and make their transitions from new hires to productive employees as efficient as possible.

Recruitment Strategy

MicroTrain’s Recruitment Services incorporate a comprehensive campaign to engage both active and passive job seekers. We employ our tested and perfected methods and processes, as well as new and innovative practices to address each organization’s unique needs. We aim to assemble a robust pool of resources, set and manage expectations, showcase your organization as an employer of choice and preserve candidate engagement throughout the entire recruiting process.

Candidate Capture

MicroTrain Recruitment Services utilizes a comprehensive recruiting strategy that surpasses most staffing agencies’ subpar recruiting process. Acquiring qualified candidates that possess high-demand, niche skills by relying solely on responses to job postings will not be enough. Our recruiters utilize direct sourcing campaigns to entice candidates out of their present organization by targeting a category of companies that employ comparable personnel and skills.

Candidate Evaluation

Once the outreach, communication and recruiting initiatives have taken place and a collection of qualified candidates has been identified, we apply our comprehensive filtering process to pinpoint the most competent and engaged candidates.

Our screening methodology imparts a multi-faceted approach to measure three integral variables: Skills, Values & Persona. We not only appraise candidates’ hard-skills (core competencies) but we’ll also gauge a candidate’s value system and persona to determine their soft skills and overall approach and mindset. We exhaust our process to ensure candidates encompass relevant core competencies and will seamlessly integrate with your environment, people and values. Additionally, our screening process involves the verification of past employment, through background investigation and references. These measures will ensure proper alignment between the candidates we find and each opening you have within your organization.


For many of our competitors, once they fulfill a position, the relationship with the candidates ends. For MicroTrain Recruitment Services, our relationship extends beyond placement. In addition to an exhaustive recruiting process, we maintain relations with the candidates we place to ensure long-term success and employer satisfaction.

Other Services

If your organization requires help beyond traditional staffing, MicroTrain Recruitment Services provides a variety of services to help your organization grow!

Talent Strategy Consulting — Streamline a company’s talent acquisition function of experienced and college recruiting programs through talent acquisition audits, talent acquisition organization design, strategy development, e-Talent acquisition strategy, hiring process consulting, employer branding, vendor management, and training.

Hiring Audits — MicroTrain’s Recruitment Services will provide detailed audits of a talent acquisition function to maximize the efficiencies and costs as well as providing detailed reviews of an organization’s function in comparison with industry leading best practices.

Hiring Development — We design staffing plans for short-term spikes or annual staffing needs that are tailored to your industry and target market.

Organization Design — We develop and design a talent acquisition organization model and system to support efficient, timely, and cost-effective growth.

Internal Recruiting Design — We help hire, train and build a successful recruiting team (contract or employment) and train your internal staffing teams on industry leading best practices in employer branding, creative direct candidate sourcing, organizational design, etc.

Employment Branding — We design unique campaigns to build employee commitment and position your organization to be an employer of choice. These efforts are focused on print and online media as well as your internal and external communications to your current and future employees.

Vendor Management — Is your Human Resources team spending more time managing their vendors than focusing on their employees and recruiting? MicroTrain’s Recruitment Services will maximize your time and return on investment by managing your vendors and implementing cost saving programs.

Competitive Intelligence, Research, & Name Generation — We  research your competitors, use online search tools to find the best possible talent, and utilize direct recruiting techniques to deliver perfectly-matched passive candidates.

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