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Our course offers invaluable insights into the "why's" and "how's" of creating a more aware, engaged, and understanding staff. Well-trained Compensation and Benefits professionals are in high demand, and this program equips you with the skills to anticipate major trends in employee benefits, improve retention rates, and streamline recruitment processes. Stay updated on evolving laws and policies, ensuring your team's prosperity and on-time project completion.

For HR Professionals, understanding the needs and aspirations of your organization's employees and aligning them with the executive team's vision is vital. This course provides you with the knowledge necessary to optimize processes and procedures, fostering greater efficiency and success. Additionally, it empowers you to secure a seat at the strategic table, enabling you to contribute to high-level decision-making.

The program covers various crucial strategies, including health benefit campaign design, benefits communication, outsourcing, and open enrollment strategies. Engage in interactive learning experiences with quizzes and activities that test your knowledge and provide opportunities to share thoughts and concerns.




I. Introduction

  • Importance of compensation and benefits administration
  • Attracting and retaining top talent

II. Strategic Choices in Creating a Total Rewards Package

  • Fundamental considerations for employers
  • Designing, developing, and implementing a comprehensive package

III. Key Topics Covered in the Program

  • Benefit History (Then & Now)
  • Regulatory Benefits
  • Mandated Benefits
  • Retirement Plan Benefits
  • Compensation Benefits
  • Office Perk Benefits
  • Performance-Based Benefits
  • Time Off Benefits
  • Health Benefits

IV. Benefits of Keeping Compensation & Benefits Training Current

  • Improved awareness, engagement, and understanding
  • Anticipating major trends in employee benefits
  • Adapting to changing laws and policies

V. Importance for HR Professionals

  • Aligning employee needs with the organization's vision
  • Enhancing efficiency and success
  • Gaining a strategic role

VI. Additional Strategies Covered in the Program

  • Health Benefit Campaign Design Strategy
  • Benefit Communication Strategy
  • Benefit Outsource Strategy
  • Benefit Open Enrollment Strategy

VII. Interactive Learning Experience

  • Quizzes and activities to test knowledge and engage with the content

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