About this Course

This 3-day course provides students with a solid understanding of InDesign. You will learn about paragraph/character styles, colors, master pages, and create layouts with text, color, & graphics and learn practical skills by working on real projects such as books, magazines, and advertisements.


Section 1

  • Letter Creation
  • Large Type Letter
  • More Text Styling
  • Magazine Ad
  • Advanced Word Processing/Formatting

Section 2

  • Kerning/Tracking
  • 2-Page Magazine Ad
  • Sporktown Brochure

Section 3

  • Professional Typesetting Techniques
  • Drawing Bézier Curves
  • Multiple Column Ad with Text Wrap
  • Magazine Cover

Section 4

  • Style Sheets in a Magazine Article
  • Tables
  • Anchored Frames

Section 5

  • Leaders Magazine: Master Pages & 1st Article
  • Leaders Magazine—Libraries & More
  • Leaders Magazine: Searches & Spell Check

Section 6

  • The Lawyer Joke Book: Setup
  • The Lawyer Joke Book: Styling the Text
  • Creating a Table of Contents
  • Books: Creating
  • Books: Auto Page Numbering

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