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This 2-day training course covers the principles of Agile and Scrum methods. Through a combination of robust simulations, hands-on experimentation, and high-quality instruction, students will learn the fundamentals of Scrum and how to facilitate, coach and lead an Agile project.

The course fee includes all course materials, certification exam cost, two retakes and a 2-year membership in the Scrum Alliance organization (ScrumAlliance.org).

Course Objectives

  • Understand the values and principles of Agile
  • Master the 5 Scrum values and the Scrum framework
  • Understand how the Scrum framework functions within an organization
  • Understand the difference between a ScrumMaster and Project Manager
  • Learn how to build and guide a team according to the Scrum values

WIOA Approved Training Course




Exam Details

Exam:Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

Exam Information

Exam Code  Certified Scrum Master® (CSM)
Number of Questions 50
Passing Score 37 out of 50
Types of Questions Multiple choice
Length of Test 60-minute time limit, you will have 2 attempts within 90 days of receiving Scrum Alliance welcome letter to pass the exam at no cost. 
Exam Results Provided immediately

Exam Pass Guarantee

At Microtrain we are committed to your success! Let us show you the return you get from great tech training. We will personally guarantee that if you take our class and follow our program you will be successfully certified!

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