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Intended for experienced or tech-savvy working adults and self-motivated learners; students will meet twice a week for 12 weeks in a high paced independent learning environment.

You will start with the basics of front-end web development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript then advance into more complex tools and libraries such as jQuery, Bootstrap, NPM, and GULP. Once you’ve learned how to build a front-end for a website we will teach you how to integrate with a third party data API from NASA.

Once you have conquered front-end development you will learn how to build a web backend using NodeJS. You will build your own data API that connects to a MongoDB database. You will build a JavaScript client and traditional web front-end to display and interact with your data. You will apply you newly acquired backend knowledge to build your own cloud based server via Amazon Web Services (AWS).

You will wrap class by learning Angular and Ionic. This powerful, front-end technology allows you to build cross platform applications using web technology. You will build client applications that can be compiled into Progrssive Web (PWA) and Hybrid Mobile Applications.

Additionally, we will discuss security best practices and mobile first design concepts as well as extreme programming, agile and scrum methodologies. You will apply these skills throughout the course building an array of applications to add to your project portfolio.



Learn the OS that runs the majority of the world's web servers.

Command Line

Learn how to use your terminal to efficiently manipulate data and automate tasks.


Build a foundation for frontend development by learning HTML tags, elements, attributes, input types, and CSS styling and formatting.

Git and GitHub

Learn the canonical version control system and software that you'll use for all your code.


Learn the syntax, variables, loops, conditionals, functions, data structures, advanced concepts, and best practices for frontend and backend javascript development.

Tool Chains

Learn popular tools and processes for assembling into code into running applications.


Extend your core web development skills into the latest methodologies and processes.


Built on top of Cordova and Angular, Ionic using the latest web trends to deliver robust mobile applications.


Learn the basics of  MongoDB, NoSQL and document databases.


Learn how some basic Apache and Node.js configurations.

Mean Stack

Learn how to build and deploy MEAN stack applications using MongoDB, Express, Angular, and NodeJS. 

End to End Awareness

Gain a firm grasp on how all pieces of the stack come together.


Learn how to deploy a cloud-based server on one of the web's most popular platforms. 


  • Highspeed Internet
  • Home PC or Laptop
  • Computer savvy (file management, text editing)
  • Problem solving skills
  • Time management
  • High school math (algebra, geometry)
  • A GitHub account.

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