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AWS Developer Certification Training is specially curated by industry experts to help you prepare for the new AWS Certified Developer - Associate (CDA) 2019 Exam. You will gain comprehensive knowledge on AWS concepts, Python, PHP coding to work in AWS environment, data redundancy, load balancing, EC2, building APIs using API Gateway, Monitoring with X-Ray and CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, IAM, and CloudFormation. You will also work on real-time projects and assignments which has a huge impact on real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly.


  • Basic cloud concepts
  • Application development to run on EC2
  • Operations and services provided by AWS
  • Creating each service and building APIs using API Gateway
  • Monitoring the performance of applications and CloudWatch
  • Best practices of cloud Architecture
  • Real-time demonstration on Auto Scaling or High Availability
  • Management, operation, and maintenance of cloud services
  • Authorization and authentication with IAM
  • Generating resources using CloudFormation
  • Alert notifications through SNS


One must have a basic fundamental understanding of the Python programming language. If you don't have Python knowledge, MicroTrain provides a complimentary Python self-paced training course so that you can get started.  If you have any experience in scripting or other programming languages such as Java, C++, .NET, etc. that will suffice.  It's suggested that those interested in the AWS Developer course to view fundamental Python training videos on YouTube for starters to get a feel for the course.

Exam Details

AWS Exam: DVA-C01 - AWS Developer - Associate

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At Microtrain we are committed to your success! Let us show you the return you get from great tech training. We will personally guarantee that if you take our class and follow our program you will be successfully certified!

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