Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) Certification Steps

  1. Attend all classes to satisfy the required 21 hours education requirement CCMP.  
  2. Read the CCMP Handbook which contains information about obtaining and maintaining the CCMP credential.   
  3. Apply for the exam at the Associate of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) website   
  4. Study, Study, Study- Additional Resources
    1. Familiarize yourself with the Standard and ACMP Code of Ethics
    2. Utilize flashcards to strengthen your understanding of processes and process groups.
    3. Review the exam content outline to help you understand the specific topics and knowledge areas that will be covered in the exam  
  5. Request CCMP exam voucher
    1. Login to your theprofessional.me account
    2. Scroll down to "Current and Past Classes" section and click Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) 
    3. Click "Request an Exam Voucher" which is next to "Certification Instructions"
  6. Pay for ACMP membership and exam fee once your application is approved. MicroTrain payment options detailed below. Register for the exam at one of the Kryterion exam locations or online Please note: Testing center and online delivery are both available. For Online-Proctored Exam and prior to exam day, review the System Preparation to ensure computer requirements are met and perform the required system test.  
  7. Before your exam, run a system test to ensure your internet connection is fast and reliable.   
  8. Upload a copy of the certification results to your theprofessional.me account

    1. After downloading the results, log in to your theprofessional.me account, and click "Get Certified" image in the MicroTrain Portal, 
    2. Scroll down to desired exam and click the hyperlink next to 'Date', and complete the required fields.

ACMP Membership and CCMP Exam Payment Options (WIOA workforce funded candidates only)

Authorize MicroTrain to Make Payment on Your Behalf (WIOA workforce funded candidates only)

To enable ACMP to process payment more quickly, MicroTrain requests your login details to make the payment on your behalf, and request that you follow the guidelines listed below. *This payment method is optional. MicroTrain offers a reimbursement option as well. MicroTrain will only use your ACMP login details for the expressed purpose of ACMP membership and CCMP exam fee payments.

  1. Pay for ACMP Membership and CCMP exam fee once your application is approved. Once your online application has been processed and determined to be complete, ACMP will send an electronic notification to you requesting payment.
  2. Log in to your ACMP account and create a temporary password.
  3. Next, 'Request an Exam Voucher' from your theprofessional.me account.  
  4. MicroTrain will send you an email notification that payment has been submitted.
  5. Change your ACMP temporary password once payment for ACMP Membership and CCMP exam fee has been received. ACMP will send you an email notification with examination scheduling instructions.

Reimbursement Option (WIOA candidates only)

Please follow the guidelines listed below to request reimbursement for PMI membership and exam fee (please allow 1 to 2 weeks processing time from date of submission).  

  1. Pay for ACMP Membership and CCMP exam fee once your application is approved.   
  2. Next, upload your receipts to your theprofessional.me account.  After logging in to your account, scroll down under 'Current and Past Classes' section to Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™), and under the course title select 'Request ACMP and CCMP Payment'. Complete the required information and under 'Request Type' select 'Reimbursement'.  Please allow two to three weeks to process the check reimbursement.

MicroTrain will reimburse a total of $794 ($199 for ACMP membership and $595 for CCMP exam fee) to cover your membership and reduced exam cost for CCMP The membership is for ACMP only and does not include local chapters or other special interest groups.   Renewal membership fee is not covered by MicroTrain.

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