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Over the course of two days, you will leverage the full power of Tableau Desktop across multiple industry use cases. Sample data will include the application of Tableau Desktop to Sales, Marketing, Retail, Healthcare, HR, Finance, and more. Course topics reflect suggested content to master for the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification.

This course will be taught using the latest version of Tableau available at the time of training. Course registration fee includes course textbook, a supplemental manual for notes, and Tableau practice exams.




  •  Quick Reference: Tableau 101
  • Visualizing Time
  • Getting Started with Tableau Desktop®
  • Instant Analytics
  • Connecting to Data
  • Choosing the Right Chart
  • Constructing Your First Visualization
  • Using Data from Multiple Tables: Joins
  • Applying Sorts
  • Using Data from Multiple Tables: Unions
  • Limiting Data with Filters
  • Multiple Measure Visualizations
  • Tracking Data with Sets
  • Calculated Fields
  • Classifying Data with Groups
  • Passing Control with Parameters
  • Custom Hierarchies
  • Table Calculations
  • Geographic Maps
  • Sharing Your Findings via Dashboards


Pre-Course Assignments


Create a Tableau account and complete the 'Tableau Data Literacy for All' eLearning course series, including five hours of self-paced training. Learn data skills fundamentals in 7 ready-made courses focusing on: data collection and structure, field and variable types, statistical thinking, correlation and regression, and visualizing data. 


To access Tableau's data literacy course series and start learning:

1. Go to: http://elearning-samples.tableau.com/page/data-literacy 2. Select 'Sign in' to your Tableau account or 'Create an Account.'


To get the most out of this training, it would be best to know the following:

  • Basic computer skills (PC/Windows)
  • Familiarity with various mouse controls (Left click, Right click, Drag & Drop…)
  • Exposure to structured data (Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CSV, Text Table…)
  • Awareness of basic chart types (Bar chart, Time Series, Scatterplot…)

Exam Details

Exam: Tableau Desktop Specialist

Exam Pass Guarantee

At Microtrain we are committed to your success! Let us show you the return you get from great tech training. We will personally guarantee that if you take our class and follow our program you will be successfully certified!

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